Everything You Need To Know About My Microsoft Teams Workshop

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I’ve previously extolled the virtues of Microsoft Team as a collaboration tool, and explained why I think it’s the best one for you.

If you missed it or would like a refresh, you can read my blog post on why Microsoft Teams is the best tool for you here.

I’m running a workshop on Friday 10 July help you hit the ground running with the tool, so here’s everything you need to know about my Microsoft Teams workshop.

Who Is The Workshop Aimed At?

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This workshop is for you if:

1. You have never used Microsoft Teams before, and don’t know where to start

It can be confusing, overwhelming even. Especially if you have a deadline by which you have to get your head around it – to accommodate a client request, for instance.

Instead of adding “learning Microsoft Teams” to your to-do list and battling with it on your own, attending my workshop will equip you by giving you the knowledge you need.

2. You use the tool, but are not confident with it yet

Do you use Microsoft Teams already, but are still unsure of what to do? One this is clear to you, you definitely aren’t using the basic functionality properly!

Then, this workshop is exactly what you need.

What Topics Will Be Covered?

Here are some of the themes I’ll cover:

  • I’ll give you an overview of Microsoft Teams
  • How to set it up
  • How to manage teams and team members
  • How to work with people who are external to your business (such as clients, partners and suppliers)
  • Collaboration and document sharing
  • Breakout rooms
  • How to view other participants in a meeting.

Is Any Extra Support Available?

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When you book your place you have the option to include a private consultation call with me, which will take place after the workshop.

As part of that call you’ll have the opportunity to ask me any further questions you may have about using the tool.

I recommend scheduling this call to take place at least a week after the workshop, you’ll have had some time to practise what you learned and can ask questions that relate directly to that experience.

Will It Be Recorded?

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While I would prefer you attend the live workshop and it would be great to meet and interact with you there, I understand that life happens.

So if it turns out that you are unable to do so, don’t worry. The session will be recorded and sent to everyone who enrols on the workshop.

How Can I Book My Place?

You can book your place on the workshop by clicking here and making a payment.

I Have More Questions About The Workshop. How Can I Ask Them?

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You can contact me here.