4 Reasons To Buy My Business Plan Templates

Since I launched my Business Plan Templates, I’ve had lots of amazing feedback.

However, I’ve also had a few people question why they should pay for them, when a simple internet search will produce countless results of free templates which can easily be downloaded.

This may have crossed your mind, and it’s a valid question. Here are 4 reasons to buy my Business Plan Templates.

1. My Business Plan Templates Save You Time

As someone who has worked with Leaders and Entrepreneurs for close to two decades, I know exactly what you do, what you need and what your constraints are.

And one of your biggest constraints? Time.

There aren’t enough hours in the day to complete everything on your To-Do list.

2. My Business Plan Templates Are Designed For Your Convenience

With my Business Templates, sitting down to write your Business Plan isn’t the onerous task you’ve undertaken in the past.

They are laid out for you in such a way that you can get going quickly, and are never at a loss when it comes to what you need to fill in.

The prompts act as a helpful guide; it’s like having your hand held through each stage of the process.

3. My Business Plan Templates Cater For Your Needs

They really do. 

If you’re a Small Business Owner who either doesn’t have much time to devote to planning, or is writing a Business Plan for the very first time, the One Page Business Plan Template is a great place to start.

With it, you’ll get a basic plan covering the essentials you need to run a Small Business, in a concise format.

For medium-sized businesses and start-ups, your very size and the nature of your activities dictates that you delve into more details when planning.

For both, I recommend the Full Business Plan Template. As it covers all the areas relevant to achieving ambitious goals, especially if raising funds in on the horizon in the short to medium-term.


4. My Business Plan Templates Are Tried and Tested

Don’t just take my word for it!

Hear what Fay Wallis of Bright Sky Career Coaching had to say:

“When I first set up my business I was confident in my ability to provide a good service to my clients but I knew absolutely nothing about running a business.”

“After muddling through my first year, I realised I needed a proper business plan. Having researched business plan templates for weeks, Adanna’s One Page Business Plan was the perfect solution. It enabled me to properly consider how to move my business forward, with helpful prompts to get me thinking. I’m happy to say that I’m no longer muddling through, due to having a clear plan of action via my Business Plan.”

So what are you waiting for?

How I can Help

Here is everything you need to know about my Business Templates and I’ve included a summary below, and details of how to purchase.

The One Page Business Plan Template

It’s short and concise, while containing all the essential elements you need in a Business Plan.

And in addition, it contains helpful prompts which will guide you along the process.

You can buy and download your copy of the One Page Business Plan Template here.

The Full Business Plan Template

This is a comprehensive template which contains all the sections and details you would find in a typical Business Plan such as the Product & Service Range, Target Audience, Market Analysis, Milestones & Metrics, and Financials.

Similar to the first template, it also has helpful prompts to guide you as you complete it and produce your Business Plan.

You can buy and download your copy of the Full Business Plan Template here.

And If You Need Even More Than The Templates Offer…

My Business Planning Service is designed to support:

  • People who want a Business Plan, but prefer to have a solution that is even more customised than the Templates
  • Departments or organisations that are unable to commit the time or resources to do the planning themselves.

Contact me to discuss, so we can arrange to get started on yours.