5 Reasons To Sign Your Project Managers Up For Remote Mentoring

You haven’t heard otherwise, so you assume everything is going well with your Project Managers and their assigned projects.

They – and all their stakeholders – have worked from home continuously since the pandemic began in March.

You’ve assumed that they are happy working remotely, and that they have adapted seamlessly to this new model where they only get to see their stakeholders on Zoom…

…and that’s if their cameras are enabled!

Surely you’d know if things were operating at a level that was less than optimal.


Maybe you need to take a closer look. Because if you do, you might see some tell-tale signs which initially seem insignificant.

But if you put them all together? You have to admit that your projects and delivery timelines are suffering, and your allocated budget risks spiralling out of control as a result.

The truth is that Project Managers are struggling in this pandemic for a number of different reasons, through no fault of their own. What used to be simple tasks such as running meetings and workshops have had to take on completely different formats now that they are conducted virtually.

And along with different formats come different considerations.

While we are fortunate to have access to innovative technology and tools such as Microsoft Teams, Slack and Zoom as we try to make our way through this pandemic, the truth is that they cannot replace face-to-face interaction. A completely different skill set is required to navigate projects and the world of work in general, which is now predominantly virtual.

Specifically, your Project Managers need more than their existing technical knowledge and experience to bridge the gap created when they and their teams started working remotely.

Given that this is to be the case for the foreseeable future, it’s best to equip them with the support they need to deliver the results you’ve planned for in your business forecasts.

Tackling the unintended and unforeseen consequences of the rapid changes to how we work is why I created a Remote Mentoring Service for Project Managers.

There are more details of how it works here, but it’s also worth highlighting the 5 reasons to sign your Project Managers up for Remote Mentoring:

It Gives Them the Best Chance of Working Effectively Amid the Chaos of Lockdown:

It’s not clear when the pandemic and what has tirelessly been referred to as “the new normal” will be over.

However if your business is in the fortunate position of being able to operate and implement various projects in this season, it’ll be obvious that the dynamics have changed. They are easy to underestimate, but these changes will invariably have an impact on teams and stakeholders, as well as your Project Managers and the way they work.

Signing them up for Remote Mentoring will give them the best chance to adapt their working practices in such a way that they are effective, and remain productive.

An Objective Sounding Board:

With Remote Mentoring, your Project Managers will gain access to an objective sounding board.

While my goal is to ensure they hit their targets and deliverables, the nature of my role means I am detached and objective enough to have an unbiased perspective, and provide input accordingly.

It Boosts Morale:

One of the most common pieces of feedback I have heard from Project Managers this year is that they feel unsupported, and have been left in the lurch as far as coming to terms with the current situation resulting from the pandemic is concerned.

This has led to a deterioration in morale, which the last thing you want right now is to have the people in charge of critical deliverables to be demotivated!

Signing your Project Managers up for Remote Mentoring will ensure they get the support that’s been lacking, and ensure their morale remains high.

Opportunity To Work With Someone Who Can Relate:

When you sign your Project Managers up for Remote Mentoring, they will gain access to someone who is very familiar with the concept of working and delivering under pressure.

And not only that, I have previously done so in circumstances when every member of my team was based in a different location!

And in the course of doing so over a number of years, I learned how to make up for the absence of face-to-face communication. It is this experience I will use to guide your Project Managers through this season.

Protect Your Timelines & Bottom Line:

Ultimately, the 4 reasons above lead to this one: you need to protect your timelines and bottom line.

Because you cannot afford to let inefficiencies – unintentional they may be – lack of objectivity, poor morale, and lack of experience impact the quality of your project delivery.

Not at a time like this!

Though challenging, now more than ever you need your Project Managers to focus on every crucial detail. You cannot afford for them to be derailed by the circumstances and changing tide that is this pandemic.

How To Sign Up For Remote Mentoring:

Contact me to book your Project Managers in as soon as possible.