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Why I’ve Decided To Attend a PR Conference

When you own (and run) your own business, you’re the Head Of Everything.

You are responsible for every aspect of the business: Advertising, Marketing, Business Development, Account Management, Finances, Social Media, Content Creation…

…the list goes on.

I'll let you into a secret: my brain never stops. I'm always working on new ideas, projects & plans for the future

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I’ll let you into a little secret: the wheels in my brain never stop turning. I’m constantly working on new ideas, projects and plans for the future.

I’m always amused when my employed friends celebrate on Fridays, and there are all the colourful TGIF memes I get tagged in on Facebook. As a business owner, the weekend is an opportunity for me to reflect on the past five days, catch up on any outstanding tasks, and plan for the week ahead.

In many ways, I never really stop, and it's easy for professional development goals to fall off my radar.

At the start of this year I decided to remedy this neglect, and committed to taking time out to complete some outstanding accreditations and learn new skills pertinent to my craft.

And this really is new territory! A two-day conference to learn how best to get my business, products and services featured in the media doesn’t quite fall within my comfort zone.

It would be unusual for others in my field too; larger consultancies like PwC or KPMG simply hire a PR agency, and smaller outfits probably wouldn’t bother with any kind of PR at all.

So I’d like to think I’m a bit of a pioneer!

I’ve as much as explained it, but here’s why I’ve decided to take two days out of my business to attend a PR conference.

The Challenge!

I love setting myself challenges.

Whether it’s in fitness and sport (I always have goals: to lift heavier weights, hike longer distances, get more steps on my Fitbit!), or new subject matter to digest and oversee in projects, I love to look back over the month, quarter or year and know that I am not in the same position.

Whether in sport, or a subject to learn for a new project, I love to look back and know I'm not in the same position

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Increased Visibility:

I’m at a stage where I’ve done a lot of work on Mastermind Strategies, and it’s time to actively showcase that to the world. Learning the best ways to do this fits in perfectly with plans for the next twelve months.

Being in the spotlight is new to me, but as uncomfortable as it is, out of the shadows I come!

Networking With a Different Crowd

As my current clients are more on the corporate side, I easily spend a good part of my working week in tall, glass skyscrapers.

This conference will be a good opportunity to meet business owners from other walks of life, take off my corporate goggles for a few days and get my creative juices flowing, albeit in a different way.

I thought I’d give you an insight into what’s going on Behind The Scenes here at Mastermind Strategies this month. I’ll let you know how I get on!